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Apps to help you help yourself

There are a variety of apps for iOS and android devices that can support your emotional wellbeing and mental health.

For Me is a free app from Childline. It offers counselling, group message boards, and advice.

Calm Harm is a free app with password protection that provides a range of techniques to relive emotional distress. It’s particularly helpful if you often use self-harm to cope.

Focus on the go free family based games to support children 4 years and older in managing and understanding emotions.

MindShift is a free app with advice managing anxiety and relaxation methods.

Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well uses a free, personalised 6 week programme to help you improve your mood and energy levels.

SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management) has games and tools to help you understand and manage anxiety.

Smiling Mind provides free mindfulness meditations aimed at reducing stress, anxiety and concentration levels.

If you are concern about online safety or bullying visit CEOP to learn about internet safety and report online abuse at


Please note: Use of the tools / apps presented here is not intended to be a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare professional.
Contact a healthcare professional if you are concerned, see Need help now?