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Talking to your teen - 10 tips for parents from young people

Wondering how to start a conversation with your teen about their mental health?

A group of young people have given us their top tips on how they would like their parents to approach the subject.



Let us know it is OK to talk to you about our worries and fears.

School and friendship pressures can be just as stressful for us as your lives are

Don't make assumptions about us - ask us.

When we have brothers and sisters we don't all turn out the same, let us know what you value about us.

Let us know you might not be able to make things right but that it will turn out OK.

Ask us what we would like you to do (are we telling you to get it off our chests or because we want your help)

Tell us what you are thinking when we have talked to you, if you feel sad it is better to tell us than be silent.

Please don't ignore it if you are worried about us, you can always leave us a note if you don't have the words.

If there are times you struggle with things let us know, it helps to know we aren't the only ones.

Sometimes we don't understand why we feel the way we do so we might not be able to explain it.

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There's a great Time to Talk leaflet to download here, too.