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My story: How Libby beat anorexia

Determined 16-year-old Libby Devare is busy fundraising to pay for a month-long volunteering trip to help children affected by the Nepal earthquake.

Her face lights up as she talks of her excitement about the once-in-a-lifetime trip and her career plans in medicine. It’s a far cry from recent years, when keen musician Libby was ill with anorexia.

When to seek professional help

There is a difference between feeling a bit low from time to time and a serious emotional health problem. If your child is feeling unhappy and low for a prolonged period of time, it's time to seek more professional help.

Any professional working with children and young people should know what to do. For example, if you approach a teacher for help, the teacher might deal with the problem with the help of a school counsellor or welfare worker. 


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