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Talking about exam results

We asked young people in Hertfordshire for their Top 10 tips for parents and carers in talking about exam results this summer…

They said:

1. Please don’t compare our results to those our brothers or sisters got

2. Even if we didn’t try hard enough we still need to know it’s going to be OK

3. You can tell us you are disappointed but please don’t keep bringing it up

4. It won’t help if you keep telling us we could have tried harder

5. Please try and think about how we might be feeling or, even better, ask us

6. Let us know we haven’t ruined our lives and that sometimes even successful people fail

7. Help us understand our choices and respect the ones we make

8. Don’t give up on us

9. Hug us and tell us it will be OK

10. Try and think of a time that you didn’t achieve what you wanted and remember how you felt.

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