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Five tips on sharing your feelings

Our thoughts and feelings can feel huge and sometimes no matter how hard we try we need a bit of help to make sense of things.

It can feel scary sharing what's going on inside your head with someone else, but it can also be really useful. Choose someone you trust and try and pick a time they aren't too busy.

They may not have any answers or know how to help but sometimes just saying things out loud or writing them down can make us feel better.

Exam results worry? Free online support now in Hertfordshire

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With exam results just a few days away and stress levels rising, Hertfordshire’s GPs are recommending that young people feeling anxious log on for free online counselling and support at

Anyone aged between 10 and 25 and registered with a Hertfordshire GP surgery can sign up anonymously and have an online chat with a fully-trained therapist. Counsellors can help with lots of different problems, including exam-related stress, family problems, eating disorders, loneliness, bullying, anxiety and depression.

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