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Record of concern form

If you do not have an electronic system to adequately record the mental health needs and support of individual pupils, this form can be used or adapted to record key information such as presentation, context, consent, SDQ scores, risk, impact, interventions and a chronology.

Record of concern slip

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Record of concern slip - information for school mental health leads.

In the absence of an existing robust system, this slip will facilitate any member of staff with a concern to record and pass it on to the mental health lead or co-ordinator in school.  Remember that a minor concern for one person may not be significant, but if several members of staff each share a minor concern to a co-ordinator, the combined information may help to identify an emerging problem and enable early help.

School information form

Schools often know a great deal about the children, young people and families that they work with. Sometimes that information can really help CAMHS professionals to understand the problems and needs of the children and young people that are referred to their service. This form enables schools to provide a contact for the CAMHS professional to work with where appropriate. This can help the school to know how best to help the pupil when they are at school. With parental consent, this form can be completed and given to the parents to take to the assessment or posted directly to the clinic.

Shelf help - support and advice for you

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Hertfordshire’s Libraries have a collection of books to help teens cope with the pressures of life.

You'll be able to find information and advice as well as personal stories.

The ‘Shelf Help’ books cover a range of issues such as dealing with issues like anxiety, stress and OCD, and difficult experiences like bullying and exams.

The books have all been recommended by young people and health professionals, and are available to borrow for free from public libraries.

Signposting guide for young people

This booklet can be printed for pupils or placed on your school website to help young people find services that can support them around mental health and wellbeing issues.  You can share this booklet with parents and staff too so they can be better informed about the support available for young people.
* NB, when printing you will need to select print as 'actual size', 'on both sides' and 'flip on the short edge'.


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