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Multi-service CAMHS referral form

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This form can be used to refer to Step2 or specialist CAMHS via the single point of access (SPA).  Schools are able to refer directly to specialist CAMHS with parental consent.  A referral from a school is not less likely to be accepted than a referral made by a GP.  Training on referring to specialist CAMHS is available – see ‘Everything you need to know about mental health - almost!' in the training guide here.

My Baby's Brain

The things you do every day that help your child's growing brain; if a baby's brain develops healthily they are more likely to be happy and successful as older children and adults.

My Teen Brain

Changes in the teen brain, in conjunction with experience and environment, can affect emotions, relationships, behaviours, sleep and attitudes to risk.

Old assumptions

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This table comes from the National Children's Bureau (NCB) ‘A whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health - Supporting resources for school leaders’ document.  It recognises that in order to make a case for change, some assumptions may need to be challenged. The table highlights some of the shifts in thinking that underpin a whole school approach.  Every school is unique and as such, issues and assumptions will vary for each school community.

PALMS referral form

PALMS (Positive behaviour, Autism, Learning disability and Mental health Service) works across the county providing a specialist multi-disciplinary approach to children and young people aged 0-19 who have a global learning disability and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their families where additional behavioural difficulties or an emotional or mental health need exists that cannot be met by mainstream services including local CAMHS clinics with reasonable adjustments.

Parent session on exam stress

Exams can be a stressful period for young people and their parents.  One way to support young people to manage exam stress is to educate parents about what they can do to help.  These slides could be used to deliver a parent information session (perhaps on parents’ evening) at school.  They have been developed by Hertfordshire Public Health team.  You can add information about school-based support on one of the slides.


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