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Are you worried about a friend? Poster for schools

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We worked with a group of young people in Hertfordshire to design this poster. Why not print it out for your classroom noticeboard or discussion?

Are you worried about a friend?

1. Listen - Listen to your friend. This might seem obvious but it will have taken a lot of courage for them to come to you. Don’t push them but let them just talk and share what they feel ready to.

CAMHS parent carer support programme

If your child is receiving support from CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) or Step 2 service why not join a free six-week course, run by Carers in Herts, that provides parents and carers with skills and support to help your child and improve your health and wellbeing.

There's more infomation in the flyer here.

CAMHS Transformation professionals event May 21 2018

On Monday 21 May 2018, aound 100 professionals from across Hertfordshire gathered at Hatfield's Fielder Centre for an update on Hertfordshire's Children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) Transformation programme.

Here are some of the presentations that delegates asked to access after the event to share with colleagues.

Hertfordshire emotional wellbeing survey for teenage boys: July 2017

The aim of this survey was to obtain views from teenage boys in Hertfordshire on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Traditionally, boys are far less likely to contribute to surveys on mental health and the survey was therefore particularly targeted at teenage boys while being left open for girls to also contribute.


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