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Are you worried about a friend? Poster for schools

We worked with a group of young people in Hertfordshire to design this poster. Why not print it out for your classroom noticeboard or discussion?

Are you worried about a friend?

1. Listen - Listen to your friend. This might seem obvious but it will have taken a lot of courage for them to come to you. Don’t push them but let them just talk and share what they feel ready to.

2. Support - Do offer to support them in seeking help if that is what they want. You can offer to be with them if they are ready to talk to someone who will be able to help them.

While you are supporting your friend don’t forget about yourself. The ‘get advice’ box gives you more tips on who you can speak to about your worries and concerns. To look after someone else, you need to look after yourself first.

3. Consider - Everybody copes with life stresses in different ways. You can help your friend find a safer way to cope by pointing them in the right direction. Remember not to be judgemental about their current way of coping.

4. Talk to an adult you trust - There are many people you can turn to. Your friend might want to talk to a teacher, a parent or a doctor. You need to also look after yourself so make sure you seek help too.

5. Get advice - There are lots of places to get confidential advice and support:

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Publish date: 
26 February 2018