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Listen to BBC’s My Mind and Me

BBC Radio 1, 1Extra and Asian Network have launched a year-long campaign encouraging young people to explore issues surrounding their mental health.

My Mind and Me aims to get young people talking about emotional wellbeing and mental health; to reduce stigma and raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues that affect young people.

There are already some good celebrity interviews and advice on the BBC’s My Mind and Me webpages, so why not flag up with pupils this month?

Across the BBC radio network, there will be a series of special reports and documentaries for young people.

This will include 12 hour-long specials focusing on different aspects of mental health, from challenging perceptions around emotional wellbeing to exploring topics ranging from the benefits of exercise on mental wellbeing, to eating disorders and self-harm.

The campaign will also invite listeners to join the conversation and share their own personal stories.