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Talking about exam results

We asked young people in Hertfordshire for their Top 10 tips for parents and carers in talking about exam results this summer…

They said:

1. Please don’t compare our results to those our brothers or sisters got

2. Even if we didn’t try hard enough we still need to know it’s going to be OK

New team supporting new and expectant mums with mental health problems in Hertfordshire

Three mums who suffered mental ill-health during pregnancy have thanked the new Hertfordshire team who supported them through their difficulties.

The trio said they received ‘invaluable’ support from the community perinatal team, which was officially launched at Hertfordshire’s second Perinatal Mental Health conference on Monday 24 April. Around 150 Hertfordshire professionals who work with expectant parents and new families attended a conference updating them on national and local developments in infant mental health and perinatal mental health.


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